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Trad Lib & The Tumbling Paddies

Join us for a jam packed evening of music for Friday 31st May as we welcome:

Trad Lib

Trad Lib are a new celtic rock band from Erris, County Mayo, comprising two generations of the Harrington family – brothers Seán and Máirtín, and Seán’s two sons Dez and Rob.


The Tumbling Paddies 

What started off at a chance encounter at a traditional Irish music session in Fermanagh in 2016 has now become a full-time devotion for The Tumbling Paddies.
The six-man band is one of the top acts on the local music scene and they regularly perform every week to jam-packed concert halls and large venues throughout the country.

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The Rainy Knights & The Rattlin Rougues

Join us for a jam packed evening of music & dancing until the early hours for Saturday 1st June as we welcome:

The Rainy Knights 

The Rainy Knights are an Irish Traditional/Folk/Country & Rebel group, that currently play regularly throughout the pub & concert scene. They have many superbly talented musicians that play together, as well as carrying out their hugely successful solo music careers.

The Rattlin Rogues

The Rattlin’ Rogues are a 4-piece folk trad band from Ireland that is known for their energetic live shows and their traditional Irish music.

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The Danny Byrne Band & All Folk'd Up

Join us for a jam packed evening of music for Sunday 2nd June as we welcome:

The Danny Byrne Band

Danny Byrne Band are the fastest growing band on the Irish music scene. Their unique style of high energy modern folk has crowds going mental everywhere they perform.


All Folk’d Up 

All Folk’d Up offer fans an eclectic mix of classic sounds from Irish Folk and Rock music traditions, while still sprinkling their own unique, modern twist. Fans have become accustomed to hearing bouncing melodies, enticing lyrical stories, vintage Celtic-Rock sounds with jaw-dropping banjo progressions classic dance medleys.

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